Ups and downs


I have had a rough past week or so, kinda in a funk with my diet and in a transition with my training. I’m re-assessing what I want and trying to figure out what to do with things. I love my career and am having so much fun competing and training with amazing friends. I really enjoy eating healthy and feel SO much better eating a paleo template.

So yes, I too go through ups and downs with my goals and my level of strictness. One thing I have found is that having a goal in mind or “event” I’m shooting for helps me a lot with staying on track. I LOVE writing up a workout template for a couple of months out and training toward a goal and eating to fuel my body for optimal performance. I think most of us do! I also love having others keep me accountable and am so grateful to be surrounded by so many like-minded, ambitious people. It makes it easy to recruit an “accountability partner”. 😊

We have a crossfit competition called the retro games coming up in a few weeks and I am planning on doing it-it involves a lot of running, pullups, overhead squats and a long intense workout at the end. I plan to do it on a team, so it wont be too intense, but enough so that I want to prepare for it! So, back on track I go! I’ll try to post some of my daily workouts and food logs if it will be of any inspiration to you guys! And-accountability partners: what are you training for? A fitness competition, a crossfit comp or 5k? Whatever it is, set your sights on a goal, make a plan to get there, and do it!! Let me know what is getting you motivated??
I believe in you,

2 comments on “Ups and downs

  1. I think we all go through funks like that. I know for me what keeps me motivated is not only that I’m seei g physical progress but have also gotten stronger. It is awesome!

  2. Kristen says:

    I’ve been going through a training/eating funk too. Life takes precedence sometimes it seems You are so inspiring, I love following you on instagram for motivation :) I’m training for my first half marathon in 7 weeks, eeek! After that, or maybe before I want to finally try Crossfit :)

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