ImageProgress is everything. I want to help YOU make progress toward achieving your fitness goals. I want to help you get the body of your dreams. I have helped so many people change their bodies and become proud of what they have achieved and I’m so excited to now be doing online coaching so that my reach is even greater! Training is a huge passion of mine and few things bring me greater joy than to watch someone change their life through health and fitness. It is a new year and I am excited to offer an additional “Home Workout Program” that has been requested by lots of you as well as my normal “Gym Programming” and “Paleo Meal Plans“.

2013 was a good one, but lets make 2014 EVEN BETTER!!!

It’s time to get our crap together people!!! If you are like 99.9% of the population you have been slacking off since ohh….HALLOWEEN and are ready to get that body in shape for the new year! These past two months of online coaching have been so much fun! I’ve helped clients lose stubborn body fat they have been dealing with forever, achieve strength gains they didn’t realize they could and FEEL so much better! My current clients are kicking butt and the new year hasn’t even started yet!

Don’t worry, I’ve got the rest of you covered too!!! Now is the perfect time to decide what your goals are and lets do this together! I’ve had a lot of people interested in my January programs so I want to be sure I have all info out today for you guys and a sign up list ready to go!

Space is limited but I am willing to offer spots to everyone that signs up before Christmas even if the list is full. (after that it will be first come, first serve) I’m so excited for a new year and can’t wait to help even more people get confident and look good naked! (Cuz who isn’t striving for that?)

EMAIL hungryfitness@gmail.com to sign up for a plan

SEND MONEY via paypal to hungryfitness@gmail.com to secure your slot.


(for those that prefer to look hot without having to leave the house!)

  • 5-6 days each week of programming using body weight movements only.
  • Programming will be a combination of cardio movements: running, jumping, mtn climbers, burpees, stairs (if you have them), etc as well as body weight strength movements such as, squats, push-ups, dips, lunges, sit ups etc.
  • This is a great plan for those that are nervous ┬áto hit the gym or beginners and need someone to help get them back in shape. It is also awesome for mamas that can’t leave the house and want to get in shape while also being able to chase kids around all day!

(For those that can make it to a gym but need a program)

  • This can be catered to your skill level (wherever you are at)
  • It is a combination of CrossFit style workouts, body building isolation work and everything in between!
  • There will be a lot of variety and no day will be the same
  • Workouts catered for overall fat loss and muscle growth.
  • Programming for 5-6 days a week with rest factored in
  • Client must have basic knowledge of weightlifting.


  • 7 days a week (3 meals per day plus 1 snack and post workout meal)
  • Written for those wanting to lean out and feel amazing.
  • All meals are color coded by amount of time to cook and are easy to follow!
  • Most clients lose about 5-10lbs in one month
  • No fake crap, all real food
  • Lots of recipes and variety of meals, you will not be eating the same thing daily, you will also not be starving. (I’m a firm believer in eating real food and getting the right amount of fuel to meet your body’s needs.)
  • A more simple version of this meal plan can also be provided for anyone that’s intimidated by eating healthy and WANTS to eat the same thing most days. :)

Home workout programming: $40
Ultimate programming: $65
Paleo Meal plans: $65
Body weight and meal plans: $80
Ultimate and meal plans: $100 (most clients do this option)

Payments can be made via paypal to hungryfitness@gmail.com

***I will be sending all programming out by December 29th so you must sign up by the 28th in order to do January’s program.


  1. You are amazing! I had one baby in June (my third) and I have yet to get back into the gym. I am playing a lot of tennis but it’s not the same. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

  2. paleo cereal says:

    What’s up friends, its wonderful piece of writing about cultureand completely explained,
    keep it up all the time.

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